How to write a blog article for a website

A blog (also known as “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject. In short, a blog is a kind of website that focuses on the content, also known as the blog post. Bloggers often write from personal experience and from there perspective that helps them to have a direct emotional connection with their readers. This direct connection to the reader is one of the main benefits of starting a blog. One of the misconceptions about starting a blog is that you need to be a great writer to be successful. People read blog sites to get a personal perspective on things, so most bloggers write in a very informal and conversational style.

To become a successful blogger, only one thing is required and that is PASSION

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Types of Blogs:

To decide the niche as in the topic of your blog, first, you need to identify your passion. Writing about your passion helps you to come with great ideas every time and you enjoy writing it which in turn attracts the readers. There are various types of blogs few of them are

Fashion Blogs: Fashion blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs on the internet. People who are creative and have a good eye for fashion can start a fashion blog.

Food Blogs: If you enjoying eating food and love to try different types of food that is if you are a foodie then this the blog-type for you.

Lifestyle Blogs: These are also popular blogs found online. They have a variety of readers, interested in topics ranging from culture, arts, local news, and politics.

DIY Blogs: DIY blogs are new, interesting and have a huge audience. It can have multiple sub-types such as arts, construction, etc.

There are many different types of blogs.

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In this post, I’ll show you how to write a blog in a few simple steps. Let’s start.

How to write a blog

The steps to write a blog are as follows:


First and the foremost thing is planning. Writing a post may require a couple of hours even if you write about eighty-ninety words in a minute. There are a few things that have to be taking into consideration.

Choose a topic:

There is a saying that “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader” meaning that a writer should choose a topic that interests him/her. As a writer, you should always keep this in mind. Never choose a topic that you do not enjoy writing. Select a topic that you are passionate about. Have a rough idea/outline about what you are about to write.

After choosing a topic and having the outline of the topic, start to write your blog. It is not always the case that you’ll get the perfect article in the first write. After writing, rewrite/edit the blog to avoid common mistakes.
Do your research:
write a blog

Even professional bloggers do not know everything. This is where research comes into the picture. It is very important for a blogger to research on the topic he/she is about to write. There are various ways to gain information like Wikipedia, or any third party information sites. So do your research properly before you write a blog.

Know your Audience:

The first step in coming up with blog ideas is to consider your audience. There are many ways through which you can connect with the audience. Two mostly used ways to connect with the audience are

Regular Polls: Taking regular polls helps you to know more about your audience. You can take the poll of your readers if you cannot decide about what topic you should write next. In this way, you can connect more with the audience. You can even connect with your readers through social media.

Respond to blog comments: Again a great opportunity to connect with the people who are reading your work. Reply to the comments that need to be replied. You can also solve their queries through the comments.

Use Images:

While readers come to your blog for information, they also need to be stimulated visually. Not all posts need to have an image, but when they do, take advantage of it. Images help your blog post flow more efficiently. Images make it easy to understand a complex concept. If you are writing about travel, fashion, food images will do wonders to your blog.


SEO or search engine optimization is a way of writing blog posts that take into account how search engines work and optimize the chance of readers finding your post. Search engines such as google, bing are constantly evolving, so it can be challenging to keep up with these changes. Many bloggers use SEO tools to keep them on the track. SEO is used to rank your website on the internet.

Title – The title that appears in the top bar of your browser is the most important element to get right. Make sure to include your targeted in this critical area.

Keywords – SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines

Meta Tags — These tags, also called “snippets”. Meta descriptions are particularly important because they are used as the description text in search engines which is often the first point of contact with your reader. Make sure you include your keywords in your meta tags.

Image ALT tag – The alt tag of an image has nothing to do with the caption of the image. Instead, it is the alternative text that is displayed on the browser if the image, due to some reasons cannot be loaded.

Keyword Density – Keyword density is the number of times the keyword should appear in the text. Do not overdo keyword repetition. Aim for 2% of density at most.



Well if writing a blog is considered as hard then, editing the blog is harder. It is not only changing into the grammar or remove the sentences that do not fit. Agreed that grammar plays an important role, during editing the article is seen as a whole, not into pieces. Sometimes, we even have to remove sentences that or words that do not fit (which can be extremely frustrating because it took us a lot of time to write them).

Few things to be considered while editing- Always try to avoid repetition of words or sentences. If possible use a different word with the same meaning. Ask your colleague or a friend to read your blog. This is important for beginners. Ask someone who has the experience to read the blog and get to know their reaction to it. Take tips from them to avoid doing the same mistakes in the future. It is important that you take their reactions in a positive way and improve yourself. Sentences should be as short as possible. They’re easier to read, making your audience’s job easy.

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