How to install Xampp on Mac – Works 100%

In this article, we will learn about how to install Xampp on Mac that is your Macbook or iMac. We know that some of you are wondering what is xampp, some of you are just installing it without knowing what it is used for. So first we will understand What is Xampp? Why use Xampp? Let’s discuss it, shall we!

What is Xampp?

Xampp stands for- “X (Letter for Cross-platform) A (Apache) M (MariaDB) P (PHP) and P (Perl)“. Xampp is an open-source and cross-platform web server solution stack package which is developed by Apache. It is a widely used website designing. It mainly consists of, Apache HTTP server, MariaDB database, and interpreters for scripts written in PHP and Perl languages. So, in short, it provides server-based and database based services. It basically gives us localhost and local servers. Hence using Xampp, you can create our computer or Mac or iMac into a local server so that you can run or Test some websites. That is enough basic about xampp. If you want to read more, you can check it out here.

Why use Xampp?

So first, Xampp is open source and hence it will let you create local hosts and local servers for free without any charges. So for example, You are a good website designer and you have multiple big clients for whom you will design websites. Now tell us, will you upload those websites directly and publish them, or will you test them beforehand in order to check for some corrections, impurities, and test it on a local server before actually working and publishing it on a domain? Yeah, you are correct, A good website designer always tests a website before uploading it on a real domain. So for that purpose, we use it.

Now we will see in brief what are the components


Apache HTTP server or simple Apache is an open-source cross-platform, server software that does exactly what it means, Provides a local server.


You must have heard of MySQL, well MariaDB is a fork MySQL Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Hence in simple words, MySQL has a branch or an extension called MariaDB. Corporate Companies use MariaDB.


PHP stands for “Personal Home Page” and it’s a general-purpose programming language that is originally developed for website development and is mainly used in the backend.


Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language and it is a family of 2 high-level, general-purpose, dynamic languages.

Now as everything is clear, we will start with our stepwise guide on how to install Xampp on Mac.

How to install Xampp on Mac?

  1. Download Xamppclick here (Select version – 7.2.26 / PHP 7.2.26 because there are some problems with the higher version as it straight up creates a virtual host with an IP address instead of localhost).
How to install Xampp on Mac
  1. Open the (.DMG) File (In order to install it)
  2. Drag and Drop the file into Applications Folder
  3. Now simply click on Next (Follow the photos)
How to install Xampp on Mac
  1. Once installed, Open Xampp
How to install Xampp on Mac
  1. Go to manage servers and start Apache and MySQL
How to install Xampp on Mac

If MySQL server doesn’t start then, follow this step

Open Terminal and Then simply type this in your terminal (or Copy paste it)

chmod -R 777 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/var
  1. Now download WordPress from here and rename that folder to your test website name then put that folder in Xampp/htdocs
  2. Now go and type localhost/phpmyadmin on your browser and go into databases
  3. You will see a create database field, Type in your test website name and select type as collation and click on Create Database.
  4. Now restart the application (and viola!)
  5. Now install WordPress by putting username as root and keep the password field blank.
  6. Install themes you want and start testing

If FTP error pops up while installing themes and plugin (Which probably will) then go to Xampp/htdocs/(Your Test site Named folder) and find a file called wp-config.php


Open the file and just add

define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');

You are good to go, you can start practicing and testing.

In Conclusion

Now Xampp will start and work fine on your mac, Simply go to your default browser or any browser and type localhost in the address bar. You have successfully created your localhost. So this is how you download and install Xampp on your mac and create your own localhost. Stay tuned for similar content on Website designing and digital marketing.

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