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Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing For
Your Business

Proprietary Tech
(Direct Meta Integration)
Fastest Response
Lowest WhatsApp Marketing cost/msg
Better Sales & Conversion as its focused 1-2-1 marketing
Immediate Interaction with Customers
Higher Conversion and View Rate
Automated work flows for gathering initial requiremnt
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Dedicated WhatsApp log for each and every customer
Scheduled reminder


* Tracking User Engagement Without Forms

Enhance User Insights with WhatsApp and SMS Landing Pages

Discover how Footprint Marketing can help you track user activity seamlessly without the need for forms. Utilize specialized landing pages for WhatsApp and SMS to capture and analyze user engagement, gaining valuable insights to optimize your marketing strategies.

* Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Boost Your Campaigns with Our Proprietary WhatsApp Marketing Technology

Unlock the potential of WhatsApp marketing with our cutting-edge proprietary technology, designed to deliver the fastest response rates in the industry. Elevate your customer engagement and drive results with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

* Cost-Effective Automated Engagement

Maximize Efficiency with WhatsApp Auto-Response Chatbots

Leverage the power of WhatsApp auto-response chatbots to streamline your marketing efforts while minimizing costs. Our solution offers the lowest cost per message, ensuring efficient and budget-friendly customer interactions. Enhance your outreach and engagement with our automated chatbots designed for optimal performance.

* Innovative User Interaction Analysis

Optimize Engagement with Our Proprietary Button and Link Click Tracking

Enhance your content marketing strategy with our proprietary button and link click tracking solution. Gain detailed insights into user interactions, enabling you to keep users engaged and connected with your brand. Leverage these insights to refine your approach and maximize your marketing impact.

Case Studies

Supercharge Your Marketing with WhatsApp


Real Estate
Ticket/Support System
Revenue generated in a day
0 L
customer queries handled
by Boondi – the bot
0 %
increase in revenue since
onboarding with Interakt
0 X

What We Will Do For You

Consolidating existing customer data

Optimize insights through streamlined consolidation of customer data for personalized, impactful marketing strategies.

Getting you Meta

Getting your Meta verified ensures credibility, visibility, and enhanced trustworthiness across digital platforms and audiences.

Creating engaging content

Craft compelling content that captivates audiences, fosters connections, and drives meaningful engagement with your brand.

Sending Interactive buttons

Implement interactive buttons to boost user engagement and streamline interaction for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Running campaigns at right time

Execute campaigns strategically at optimal times to maximize reach, engagement, and conversion rates effectively.

Generating Data analytics report

Generate comprehensive data analytics reports to derive actionable insights and drive informed business decisions efficiently.

Sharing Leads to your team

Efficiently distribute qualified leads to your team, fostering collaboration and accelerating conversion opportunities effectively.

Expertise in

Leverage our specialized knowledge and experience in harnessing WhatsApp's full potential for effective marketing campaigns.


WhatsApp Marketing involves using WhatsApp to promote products or services, engage with customers, and enhance communication. It includes sending messages, updates, offers, and engaging content directly to users.

WhatsApp Marketing offers direct and personal communication with customers, high engagement rates, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to send multimedia content. It also supports customer service, lead generation, and building brand loyalty.

Absolutely! WhatsApp Marketing is highly effective for small businesses due to its low cost, direct communication channel, and high engagement rates. It helps small businesses reach their audience efficiently and personally.

You can send a variety of messages, including text, images, videos, audio, documents, location sharing, and interactive buttons. This variety allows for engaging and informative content delivery.

To ensure compliance, always obtain explicit consent from users before sending messages, avoid spamming, provide an easy opt-out option, and adhere to WhatsApp's business policies and guidelines.

Yes, WhatsApp is an excellent tool for customer support. It allows real-time communication, quick resolution of queries, and the ability to share multimedia content for better assistance.

You can measure success through metrics such as message delivery rates, open rates, response rates, conversion rates, and customer feedback. Analyzing these metrics helps refine your strategy for better results.

The WhatsApp Business API is a solution for medium and large businesses to communicate with customers at scale. It offers automation, integration with CRM systems, and advanced messaging capabilities.

Build your subscriber list by promoting your WhatsApp contact number through various channels such as your website, social media, email newsletters, and physical marketing materials. Always ensure you have users' consent.

While using WhatsApp itself is free, businesses might incur costs for advanced features through the WhatsApp Business API, third-party integrations, and marketing services that enhance campaign effectiveness.

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