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July Monsoon Training Program

Best Website Development and Digital Marketing course

Any technical/non-technical Graduation/PG student can join

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We are well established company in the web/app development & digital marketing space.

We have been students too. We understand the pain! Lack of project experience + practical knowledge is the reason we are doing the Best Website Development and Digital Marketing course.

We teach a very specific course content that will assist you in working with us. Without training, you cannot work for our clients directly as the current knowledge would be insufficient.

a. Website designing WITHOUT CODING😱(Company portfolio website, blog based & ecommerce😎)
b. SEO – how to rank website on GOOGLE🧐
c. Social media marketing – Advertising on Facebook & Instagram + Increasing followers(for clients of course😬)
d. Search engine marketing – Advertising on Google! Kya aapne youtube & google pe ads dekhe hai? WOI!!!!
e. Lot of other marketing like content marketing, email, adsense, etc

YES for SURE! Everyone who goes through this training program will get internship opportunity.

YES for SURE! Everyone gets a certificate with LOR(Letter of recommendation) for your masters or job profile

YES! It all depends on how much you work. Once you start working without our help – paid internship starts.